Mr. Sipp “The Mississippi Blues Child”

From Deep Down in Vicksburg, Mississippi comes a happy, grinning and strolling Blues International Blues Challenge Award-Winner, Castro Coleman aka Mr. Sipp “The Mississippi Blues Child.” Raised up in the Delta Blues culture, he is a sure eye-opening helping of Southern Hospitality. Before and after he set the Orpheum Theater a blaze in Memphis, Mr. Sipp continues to fan the flames of the Blues World. At this show, it's best to strap your Blues harness tight as Mr. Sipp is sure to take his audience on a snap neck Down South Blues ride. On stage, he has a simple strategy, lay down a performance that has the heart of a Gulf Coast pirate, and he'll take no prisoners. Cannons banging you'll be hard-pressed to find another Blues Diamond like Mr. Sipp … He's a fresh dug Blues gem that is about to come to full brilliance.