Sugaray Rayford

Be Warned! Sugaray Rayford will let you know from the jump that you ain't at no concert. When you're with Sugaray, you're in the middle of a Hell Raisin', Big Leg, Short Skirt All Out Throw Down. The crowds at every show use every available space to Boogie Down. This room commanding Bluesman sings with power, passion and a heartfelt honesty that can not be replicated. Working every inch of the stage, Sugaray will have on your feet and moving to the soulful fire that fills the room. Some moving, hard-shout testifying is the driving force behind this stellar World-Traveled Blues Performer that throws a Great Big Blues Party at every venue he dominates with authority and dominion. Sugaray Rayford is without question a Full Bore, All-In, Modern Day Blues Virtuoso.